Starting a Canoeing Instructor Business

Starting a canoeing business is relatively new industry but more and more people are becoming interest in this outdoor activity. Aside from hiring other canoeing instructors, you as the business owner should be a certified instructor too.

There are points that you should consider in starting a canoeing instructor business.

If you are a business minded person and you are searching for a new venture that will suit you and your budget, then you can start looking at the possibility of becoming a canoeing instructor. This is very good if you are sports minded as well. Canoeing is becoming a popular outdoor activity just like kayaking and paddling. This activity has been around for awhile and its popularity has steadily increasing because people are now becoming more of an outdoor enthusiast. Anybody who loves water can take part of canoeing.

What is canoeing?

Before considering getting into the canoeing instructor business, you must first know and understand what canoeing is and what difference does it have compared to any other kind of water activity. Canoeing is paddling a canoe where you use all your muscle power. It is often compared to kayaking. In kayaking, the kayak is pushed using paddlers with two blades where he or she sits with legs extended. However in canoeing you use one or two bladed paddles and the canoeist is kneeling or sitting on a sit. Canoes are usually an open boat. You can definitely use it in any body of water. Starting a canoeing instructor business is a wise choice because you can be sure that there are people who will probably love to learn how to canoe. Canoes are often use when you want to go fishing or just relax in a calm water. There are a lot of prospects in this business and being a canoeing instructor will definitely open opportunities for you.

Becoming a canoeing instructor

Although you can hire canoeing instructors for your business, the ultimate point of this business is that you are one yourself. It is not necessary though but to give a good impression to people, you must at least know the basics. In order to be a qualified canoe instructor, you need to undertake a canoeing course so that you can be qualified to teach skills and you can lead trips. You need to have considerable knowledge when it comes to the condition of the water. You also need to be expert when it comes to safety procedure and river rescue.

To be able to capture hearts of people you need to exude a persona that is enthusiastic, patient, friendly, and adaptable. Another quality of a canoe instructor is that you have the ability to give instructions clearly and concisely. You also need to demonstrate skills in a manner that could be understood and identified.

Points to consider in your canoe instructor business

  • Carefully think about the location on where your classes will be held. You can partner up with a canoe rental company in your area so they can help in promoting your service.
  • Learn the wind and water condition in your area. This is very important thing to consider especially in protecting your students.
  • Make sure you have a loud voice so that students can actually hear you. Sometimes the location has noises that can’t be avoided.
  • Make sure that your students are comfortable and wearing safety equipment
  • Limit the area where you held your classes. Make sure that you can reach your students right away in case something happens.
  • Consider the student ratio of your class. Sometimes this is dependent on the venue, water and the instructor’s experience.
  • Make your instructional classes vary so you can able to cater to amateur and expert alike.


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