Small Business Computer Support

The essential keys for setting up a small business computer support company are: hardware acquisition, software acquisition, staffing, location, and finding accounts.

Hardware – yes, you would need hardware and lots of it.

If you are indeed starting a small business computer support company, you would need a number of computers – hardware that is necessary to keep up with your workload. In some cases, you would need between 10 to 50 computers, working simultaneously. Your working day means your company is almost clocking 24 hours a day, each and every day. Hardware includes computers, cables, DSL access, phone lines, fax machines, etc; and that still does not include the tables, chairs and non-digital filing system(s.)

Hardware is just one of the basic elements when investing your money in a small business computer support company. It goes without saying then that in order to acquire that much hardware; you need to have a substantial overhead. But then again, you probably won’t want to start this kind of business if you don’t have the financial backing.

Other areas of concerns include: software acquisition, staffing, location, and finding accounts.

Software acquisition is a matter of what kind of service you would like to offer your potential clients. There is available software floating in the Internet called Open Source Software. You do however, need to streamline the software accordingly, and this may mean hiring in-house programmers to do this, or a per-project group of contractual programmers.

Staffing is another important element in this business. Computer support is obviously carried through the wires, and at one receiving end should be a highly-qualified, fully trained, tech savvy customer relations representative – in other words, someone who can answer your clients’ queries. In order for your staff to do so, they must be trained both on the technical aspect, customer care protocol, and how to handle difficult situations. It is ideal to say that training can be completed within two weeks, but some training period can last a couple of months at least. Aside from the customer relations representatives, you would also need to hire staff that can do the required training, the programming, the hiring, the office managing, etc.

Although this kind of business can ultimately be considered as Internet-based, you would need to find your own place of business. A small business computer support company cannot be operated in someone’s basement or garage. It needs to find its niche among the commercial areas of your town. This ensures that the necessary communication and transportation infrastructure is more than readily accessible.

The last area of concern in this kind of business is to find the necessary accounts – accounts mean clients. Assuredly so, there are many potential clients in the market. The problem that now arises is how to “reel” them in, so to speak. Competition among computer support companies is fierce, and many are offering faster services, friendlier services and even cheaper services. Your company needs to be able to run with the pack; and if you can, you can even be a pioneer in service, whereas clients will actively seek your services. Advertising your services over the Internet is critical which makes website development necessary.


  • James Larry said on July 24, 2008
    Really good tips for starting up a small business computer repair services...
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