Mobile Dog Grooming Business

Taking care of dogs can become a profitable venture if you know the right steps to take and do. Today, it’s a continually growing industry and it’s also not a bad way of making money from a business for living.

This mobile dog grooming business guideline will equip you with the right stuff to give that puppy loving and make money too.

Begin by Loving What You Do

Starting a business that requires working with dogs needs a lot of loving touch to make it work. You must naturally love dogs for you to enjoy what you do. Having that edge makes it a labor of love. It allows you to continue working at its day in and day out. Do a good job at it because you care for your clients. So everything begins and ends with your heart as a potential dog grooming business owner.

Learn the Basics of Dog Grooming

Enroll yourself into a dog grooming course. Search the web for reasonably priced courses you can afford. Find a schedule that will fit yours’ daily routine. Learn basic hair trimming styles and approaches that the owners will love their dogs to have. Learn how to cut dog nails as well as groom their ears and tails.

Get a Mobile Dog Grooming Business Permit

Make a schedule in your planner to visit your County Clerk’s Office. Talk with people who can help you with your paper license and permits. While you are at it, also think of a business name for your dog business. Use a name that will attract people. Use a name that’s catchy like Paws n Claws. Find something that works for you.

Purchase a Mobile Unit

Search the web for businesses that sell dog mobile units. Make a list of such businesses and make sure you note down their information. Survey these businesses and purchase your mobile unit to the business that can give you the best deal for a reasonable price. Make sure your mobile has air-conditioning and facilities for dog baths.

Gather Your Other Dog Grooming Tools

Make a list of inventory tools you need to groom your dogs. Purchase a few pieces of electric dog clippers, swabs, dog shampoo and powder. Why not purchase dog toothpaste and brushes as well? Invest also on conditioners, probably stock on a couple of dog dresses, a couple of dog collars. Bottom line is to have the right tools to use as well as a few stocks for sales inventory. Have a little bit of everything. It can make you extra dollars too.

Compute Your Profit for a Mobile Dog Grooming Biz

Survey other competitor dog grooming businesses in your area and learn how much they ask per dog service. This will give you an idea of how much you should charge. Determine this keeping in mind your expenses in running your business. Develop a financial strategy to get out of debt.

Get Visible

Massively advertise your mobile dog grooming business. Use the web, use the yellow pages, use bumper stickers, and have a dog grooming business card with your business name and contacts printed on it.


  • ubead mirza said on April 2, 2010
    Hi i want to start up dog grooming business. i want to know. the profit and advantages and dis-advantages of this business. and How much capital is required. i Have land 2 acres. i am situated in bangalore, karnataka, india. phone 9740109249
  • stacey said on May 24, 2010
    Want to know benefits and disadvantages of this business owning my own private mobile unit. 0413670587 situated in werribee, victoria, australia.


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