How to Start up a Kite Store

Considered one of America’s family past time, kites have come a long way. It promotes warmth of a sunny windy day and symbolizes quality time, bonding and fun. Truly the business of kites can promote stronger relationships.

If these features interest you, then this business guideline will help you utilize the kite into a business venture you can also make money from.

Learn about different types of kites

To flourish in your business, you got to know your kite products. Search the web and educate yourself about the different types of kites. Compound that knowledge by purchasing a how to book about kites. Another way to expand your kite knowledge is to join circles of kite organizations. If that’s not enough try purchasing kite videos. Learn as much as you can about kites. You can join online forums, participate in kite niche blogs to gather more knowledge, you must remember your business will never grow if you don’t have adequate knowledge towards that.

Apply for a kite business license

Set a time to visit your city clerk’s office. Acquire the forms and documents you need to fill out to process your license permit. Read and understand the documents your filling up before you sign it. Make sure you fill it up correctly and properly. Incorrectly filled documents are normally rejected so be keen in filling in the right information needed. Once you fill incorrect information then the whole process of getting a license will take longer time than expected so take others’ advice to fill out the required document and make sure you made it right.

Get a kite related business name

Register your business with a business name. Having a name gives your business an identity and recognition, people also stat taking it seriously. Explore different names that you like and select the best one that fully describes what your business is all about. Of course, makes sure to double check if there are other competitor kite stores using the same name.

Find a place you can develop as your kite store

Part of working hard is working smart. Getting a place that is easily accessible by people is working smart. Identifying a great business location is important in your business’s success and yours too. Talk with real estate agents, talk with mall managers that lease spaces, look at the newspaper ad, and ask people around. Try to identify a place that you can afford to pay and a place which is visible to many people.

Purchase supplies for your kite store

Have a variety of kite styles and accessories in your store. Have several samples of stunt kites in a variety of different colors. Also have diamond kites and delta kites, which are the most common types purchased, in your selection. Also have kite care kits, different styles of kite tails and other kite accessories. As you work on your kite inventory, rearrange your display counters. Put premium on kites that are high end. Promote them more. Then package slow moving products with other fast moving products. This way you keep your inventory moving.

Have a grand opening day

Begin your kite business by promoting a grand opening day. Advertise your kite store by giving away flyers and business cards. Advertise through the Sunday newspaper where most people can notice it. Create excitement for your grand opening.

Learn to talk with customers

As you open up your store, learn to open your mouth and make friends with your clients. Be helpful and don’t just stay in the corner. Be proactive and warm.


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