“How to Start a Movie Theater?”
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  • U.S.Agrawal said on June 6, 2011
    hey i am umashankar agrawal from district korba , chattisgarh and i need all the info regarding opening the cinema hall so kindly give me all the info
  • rajesh gupta said on June 7, 2011
    hye i am rajesh gupta and i want to open a cinema hall (mini)in my city(location -neemuch distt.mp) population aproxx 3 laks. i want to detail cost of project to be started for cinema hall for about 200 to 300 seaters ac my email id is rporwal420@gmail.com
  • sue zhang said on June 13, 2011
    we have purchased this historical building in a small town in Arostic county, Maine. It comes with over 100 seats theater. But the projector is gone. Some of the chairs are broken as well. The drawings on walls are palled off too. And to boot, we do not know anything about going into the movie business. Some kind input will be very much appreciated.
  • rajesh kumar khan said on June 16, 2011
    hi, i am rajesh iwant to open a multiplex in my town rourkela because here is no picture hall please help me to open a multiplex or franchisee any branded
  • Benhamine said on June 21, 2011
    I'm in the USA and there's an old theatre in my town. I've always dreamed of running my own theatre and this building has been eying me for some time. I am an avid film lover and would like to do a second run/independent type of theatre but have no idea what I may be getting myself into. Through some research I've found that the theatre (when it was open) is 1 screen with 425 seats. The only problem is it seems it's been closed for close to 30 years. I fear the cost in repairs would be too grand. Never the less I am dredging forward and want to figure out all the startup costs associated with this endeavor. As I said I consider myself a film aficionado but when it comes to running a theatre...well I know a projector is involved somewhere in there... Any help from anyone experienced in this trade would be GREATLY appreciated. benfrye@gmail.com PLEASE help! Info on items to look into, sources, helpful sites/books, stories of the trade, etc. Willing to accept any and all helpful advice. Thank you all in advance!
  • shubham garg said on June 24, 2011
    hello my name is shubham now a days I m planning for opening a open movie threater can u pls help me by giving ur advices.I m belonging from the city Agra (U.P.,India) my cell no 8958324666. firstly the most important thing I didn't know how I get the films . pls get back to me I need ur help. thanking you
  • TAIWO said on June 30, 2011
    Hi, My name is Taiwo and I already started a small scale movie theater that seats 500 persons comfortably. Please How do I get a license to run the cinema and also the movies. Am based in the Niger-Delta region of Nigeria. Taiwo, VistaCinemas, Warri. email: warrimakeover@gmail.com
  • Amary said on July 5, 2011
    Hi!i am an international student from west africa, but currently living in the states. i would like to open a movie theater in Mali( west africa). so, i wanted to know how can i do that and does it required a large funds. thank you!
  • SAM said on July 5, 2011
  • Sherub Gyeltshen said on July 6, 2011
    I am Sherub Gyeltshen, from Bhutan a small himilayan Kingdom situated north of Indai & South of China, and i live in the capital Thimphu, with an approximate population of one hundred thousand. Our locally produced films (Digital films) are quite popular and has only few cinema halls, and I am trying to lease in a place to convert into a mini theatre (300-350) seater digitally equipped hall. I would appreciate if you could help me with a sample project report to be submitted to an Bank and also complete address of equipment suppliers requirement of equipments. Thanks
  • Abhishek B S said on July 19, 2011
    Dear kartik who has posted the 211th comment, It will be more useful for me if I can get your mail ID, I have some questions with me to be asked to you......
  • Ms. Darshana said on July 20, 2011
    Hello, I want to know detail about what equipments are required to run a theater. One of my client want to run his own cinema theater but he dont have detail knowledge of that what equipments are required for and how to utilise it. I am supplying his somewhat equipments such projector, big screen, Computer, Stabilizer etc. It is kindly request you to guide me how would be manage this business and what equipments will make it fulfill to satisfied the peoples?
  • Aongola Mukamba said on August 2, 2011
    Hi, am a 22 year old Zambian looking to start afirst-run theater in Kitwe, Copper belt province in zambia. I would like to know more about what am getting myself into & so I am asking for your assistance in terms of information on how to Get the rights to show first run movies.
  • sreenivas said on August 4, 2011
    i want to build a theater and run first -order movies with business plan and food business, so i want to know what all it takes and what to do? plz reply me to my ID
  • kamota petro manyisa said on August 4, 2011
    I have a play with my friends but we wish to perform it on theater how can we do it?
  • Peter Hargrove said on August 6, 2011
    New York, NY, USA. I stumbled across this site researching. We are a US-based distribution company that licenses programming worldwide. I have run theaters so my experience is across the spectrum. The industry is drastically changing and shifting from 35mm to digital projection. Due to piracy, distributors are extremely wary of dealing with new venues, particularly ones run by first timers. I would forego 35mm projection for digital as you would have to cover the cost of shipping prints to/from the distributor (with 35mm that isn't cheap). If you show one bootlegged film the legitimate film suppliers will not deal with you and they will spread the word.

    For those in larger countries, I would invest in the industry level digital projection equipment. This is what the rights holder will deliver prints on. For those in smaller markets, Go with Blu-Ray projection. A Blu-Ray projector will compensate for all the glitches created by self-replicated dvds. The problem is you can now create your own Blu-Ray discs which then risk causing the same problems regular dvds caused with dvd players.

    When you approach the distributor, inform them how many seats your venue has, how many shows a day you plan to have, what the ticket price will be, and how you will be advertising the film. The major studios (ie. Disney) will take as much as 90% of the box office on major films opening weekend, that percentage drops the longer the run is. What you should propose is a 50/50 split of revenue with no deductions for expenses.

    As the equipment availability varies within each country, you should research the companies that supply corporates with technology and lease projectors from them as they will replace them if there's a problem. If you cannot get a replacement projector then you can't show movies when the equipment breaks down. If you're going to buy equipment, have a backup projector and playback device on hand in reserve.

    Not every projector will work for you. Study the specs carefully as the throw (distance from projector to screen) varies based on model. If your purchase the wrong one you've just wasted money. A movie theatre makes most of it's money from the concession stand. Brand yourself with the food selection and the types of film you play and you will get repeat businesses. Just remember that messy food means messy cleanups.

    The easiest way to get a distributor to work with you is to settle up within 48 hours of the run ending (or weekly if the run will be more than one week). We distributors spend way too much time trying to get paid from people who run a cash business and for some reason always claim they don't have the cash to pay right away. If you're fair and honest then distributors will work with you. You may want to propose paying a flat fee up front for the week's run. Some distributors may be amenable.

    Remember that you don't have to spend a lot of money to promote your film schedule. Posters on the walls, weeks in advance if possible, local media and social media marketing are all cost effective and cheap. If you can set up a website and a weekly newsletter email server your audience will come.

    Feel free to contact me. Peter Hargrove tvsales@HargroveTV.com
  • Praveen said on August 8, 2011
    We are a small playgroup nursery located in Navi Mumbai. We would like to educative films to children every saturday. What are the legalities and costs involved and how do we proceed on same. Since we already have dance classes we have a decent set-up of surround sound and also a projector in place for showing educative day to day CD's. Like which dept to contact etc. Pls advise
  • Craig said on August 10, 2011
    I would like to open a single / 2 screen cinema in Cambridge, New Zealand. Having found a suitable building, everthing else will be from scratch. Any contacts and information would be welcome.
  • PAWAN DADU said on August 14, 2011
  • Nitin said on August 24, 2011
    Hi, I want to start my own movie theater in Patna (Bihar) probably single screen. Can you give me a break up of investment and the process? Land- Area & Cost, Building- Construction, Infrastructure- Screen, projector, 150-200seats and any other expense if any. Please provide me detailed information. I would also ask the readers to please contact me if you are looking for any partner in Patna. email me - bfornitin@gmail.com
  • keno said on August 29, 2011
    woo movie business is a big time in the world for now and in Africa as a whole. My name is Keno am a movie producer based in the Gambia in west Africa.. Am looking for some one that will love investing into movie production.. As we know Africa have come a very long way in the movie world and with a lots of profit in investing into the merchant business that will give more benefit. in west Africa Gambia is now the new jewel location every body wants to come and make their movies, because the country has all it takes just name it. For more information on those interested in investing in this peaceful country for movies production please feel free to contact me on my mobile number 002207684293 and my email is gtechkeno@gmail.com
  • rahul bhatt said on September 3, 2011
    I am a 30 year old male from India. Working as a software Engg but now I'd love to start a movie theater that shows Indian movies. what i'd want to know is where i can get financial assistance for this little business. please contact me at rahulbhatt1987@yahoo.com Thanks, rahul
  • neeraj yadav said on September 10, 2011
    hi i am neeraj. i want to start my own movie theater of three screen. and i have one crore rupees. plg tell me what i can do for making a theater. my mobile number is 9812736599.plg reply fast.
  • ZAFAR ALI said on September 11, 2011
    Sir, I want to start a small theatre in a village in maharashtra which shows indian movies. I am a mechanical engineer by profession. Please tell me the procedure and investment required and documents required to open cinema theater in village.
  • mani shankar said on September 17, 2011
    since 1988 we had started video hall TV shows by getting the license. after 10 years we started the project screen video hall, so presently i think to convert the screen video hall to a mini theater. How to go for the cinema license in mini theater and how to transfer video license to a mini theater license. RAYAGADA (DIST) ODISHA. please advice for the above.........
  • Ans nallur said on September 19, 2011
    I would like to start a mini theater in my village. please let me know the details and give me the proper advice
  • Lupitah Kapr said on September 20, 2011
    My friends and I would like to set up a small cinema for those people you cannot afford to pay the full price at the regular cinema. Plus they're sound is very poor and only show movies is 2D. We want to give a quality service, at a fair price and break the cinema monopoly in Kampala. Kampala, Uganda. East Africa
  • Narender singh said on October 5, 2011
    I want to know procedure about opening a new movies theater in small town.
  • Radha Krishna said on October 13, 2011
    Hi I am vizag I am interested in movie theater business .. But I not know any thing about this... Please any one tell me about it briefly... My number 9989458839 and email radhakrishna.sirigudi213@gmail.com please send details.......
  • mali said on October 28, 2011
    Hai, My name is mali.I live in a state where there is no cinema hall,In our capital,our population is 3 lakhs(around).i would like to open a minimovie theater, Pls tell me where i can get financial assistance. And i would also like to know the procedure, investment required, anything to set up a movie theater.
  • asif said on October 30, 2011
    even am very much interested to open a mini theatre in minimum budget so plz help me so that i can open a theatre
  • sarju goklani said on November 5, 2011
    i am interested to make of mini plex theater in city amalner dist . jalgaon maharastra .plz help me to make my mini plex theater, and how much spend money on it.
  • Deanna Runions said on November 16, 2011
    Hi my name is Deanna Runions but you may call me Dee for short. I want to start my own theater/arcade business, but I'm not sure how. I want to have the business in Fremont Michigan, but I'm having trouble finding all the information I need. Like business permits, theater seats, screens, and projectors. If you could e-mail me back at DEE-RAE16@hotmail.com if any information you may have for me please do.
  • Jenn said on November 18, 2011
    i am interested in restoring an art deco era movie theater and converting it into a mixed-use performance venue with a cafe. have you any ideas on the steps I should take to accomplish this?
  • pri said on November 23, 2011
    hi. thank you for guiding me. but i need more information about this business. i want to start a theater in a town.
  • lucy said on November 23, 2011
    Could you give more details about how to go about the licensing for becoming a first run movie theater??
  • Olueh Aboyowa said on November 29, 2011
    My name is Aby n hoping 2 start up a movie theater in Benin City, Edo State @ one of d federal university n am wondering if u can enlighten me on how 2 get a license n how do i get a movie broker in Nigeria
  • handry de silva said on December 5, 2011
    my name is Handry i just took over a cinema that's been closed for a long time. everything is still in good condition. just don't know where to get the 35mm films from, and the license if needed. if you can help me please let me know.email me please.
  • iliash said on December 6, 2011
    I am residing in rural gujarat ,At a potential centre. And I am interested for a mini movie theater of 250 seats. I don't know the ,project costs as well as know how of the projects. Can you direct me to get the project costs, economies as well as know how of this projects? Awaiting your response and thanking you. Yours, Iliash. 6 Dec 2011.
  • sanjay said on December 8, 2011
    I was wondering how to start up a theatre in a small rural town for movies that are out on DVD but having a large screen and a social experience. is this legal and what do i need to do to make it so, and also assist for any agreement required from filmmaker, also any info on how much cost required for legal procedure and agreement if required ... please email sanjay7682@gmail.com
  • Rojan said on December 12, 2011
    Sir/Madam, There's an enough space and capital to start a place which includes movie theater, coffee shop, restaurant and a parking lot.But i have lesser ideas about the equipment necessary to start-up a cinema hall like what are the requirements, equipments, what kind of backups and where to get all these from.So, i was wondering if you could assist me in this so that i could start planning further in my country Nepal itself. Your assistance in much appreciated. Thank-you.
  • Shananan said on December 14, 2011
    I'm a freshman in high school and I'm taking a sports and entertainment marketing class. Our last project before this class ends this semester is a marketing plan of a business that has something to do with either sports or entertainment. I chose to start up a movie theater. We've been working on this project for three weeks already and I've got nothing. I have two weeks to come up with written business plan over Christmas break. Any kind of help is appreciated greatly.
  • jeet said on December 15, 2011
    hey all m a engineering student.. in future i want to open a cinema mall in my city.. any idea what it will be cost.. and if possible send me the details.. thank u :) jiu.raula@gmail.com
  • Noel Brain said on December 15, 2011
    Hi, I am looking at starting a movie cinema on one of the islands in the Philippines, can you please give me an idea as to basic costs of setup for projectors and sound systems. Also is it advisable to go through one of the major cinema chains to gain access to first run movies? I am looking at just a simple setup as it is only a small community here, which has no cinema facilities at the moment. The closest cinema is 6 hours drive away. Is there much in the way of secondhand equipment available? Any information you can provide would be most appreciated. Kind regards, Noel
  • Shamsuddin said on December 26, 2011
    Where i can get license for mini picture hall. i want to start in new delhi india.
  • md. khan said on December 27, 2011
    please suggest me a single screen multiplex project with seat capacity around 200 people for a small town of around 2 lakhs population in west bengal.
  • Zanele said on December 30, 2011
    Hi. I live in a small town where the nearest theater is 275km away. I would like to open a small movie theater in my town can you please provide me with information on how I can go about doing that. I'm in South Africa.Thank you
  • Raushan said on December 31, 2011
    hi, i want to start a multiplexes with mall what is requirement for this type of multiplexes and (requirement of money, space, and other requirement) you have some suggestion, plz contact me at krraushan@yahoo.com. from Bihta, Patna, Bihar
  • Kevin said on January 5, 2012
    Hello, am considering opening a movie theatre in Southern California and need some help with the initial getting it started. Where is the best place to get films, projectors, and does anyone know how much capital it takes to get a 4 screen theatre started. We would be leasing the building. My email is baileys_iscool@yahoo.com
  • helen said on January 7, 2012
    thank you peter hargrove the information was quit useful. i am trying to start up the building is available with 4 cinema rooms. i am looking for an investor and equipment ie chairs, screens and projectors. please help anyone. my email address is hemaz2001@yahoo.com
  • Dylan De Beer said on January 9, 2012
    Good morning. I live in south africa and I would like to start up a theater business. I have everything in place but I am struggling to find out how to acquire the rights to show movies and charge. First run and second run movies. Could you point me in the right direction please. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards. Dylan
  • Ankhbayar said on January 10, 2012
    Hi, I'm from Mongolia and i'm 23 this year, i'm actually dream to have my own theater. And i need to learn a lot more than this, this information helped me a lot, but i still needs more to know, for example how do i find the place, how do i get the Movie before it appears on internet or in my country, what things should i care when i buy the Cinema projector etc. So please if you do not mind, contact me on my e-mail, which is Jun_anxaa@yahoo.com
  • ms lalrinpuii sailo said on January 17, 2012
    i want to set up cinema hall in mizoram state,who do i contact for technical advice and where can i get the necessary machines.
  • Juliet said on January 18, 2012
    Hi There I would like to set up a small cinema in Namibia, if I get all my movies from a exciting movie shop that hires out movies do I still need to get rights to show it?
  • Dan said on January 19, 2012
  • Tariq Robinson said on January 19, 2012
    Northern Neck Virginia. I want to generate enough money from my trucking Company and construction company to open up a in home movie theater and pay the actors what the sony theaters pay for the movie. Not to steal from them but to be in private with family. I have a large family. about 50 people so it is better for me to pay up front then to go to the movies. How can i start this up or do i have to have ticket sales to pay the actors.
  • Karshan Bhadarka(Bapu) said on January 22, 2012
  • Mike Zeigler said on February 17, 2012
    I am located in a small community in Southeastern Ohio. We have a population of probably 3000 people or so. No movie theaters within 40 minutes of our little town. I have read several inquiries about starting a small community movie theater with newly released DVD's being projected up onto a white screen or wall. Is this possible to do? Is it legal to charge $3.00 or $4.00 a person to get in and have a small concession stand? We have a building available on the main highway going out to our new Middle School and High School. It was a Carry-out/Drive Thru business. I would transform the drive-thru part into the actual movie auditorium. What can you tell me? Mike Zeigler
  • Sekhar said on February 20, 2012
    I have two double story building of 3500sq.feet area each, with foundation for more floors. I want to start 2 movie theaters/wedding hall/ on the third floor. Can I get a consultancy or franchise for starting and then running professionally?
  • vmals said on February 25, 2012
    i want to start up a second run mini theater, i need some help to me find hollywood english movies
  • Sarah said on March 1, 2012
    I have this project in school, and I chose to open a movie theater. I need some help!
  • nhlanhla said on March 8, 2012
    hey i want to know the costs of starting my own cinema, and also the licensing of showing all types of movies excluding x-rated. actually movies with maximum age limit of 18.
  • shabeer said on March 10, 2012
    i want to start a cinema hall (150 seats) in a small town in kerala. pls give me the all procedure and cost.
  • Sara Albert said on March 18, 2012
    I am trying to open my own theater and don't seem to be able to get the right contact for the first-run films.I live in Nova Scotia I am really hoping you can help.
  • Victoria sengwayo said on March 21, 2012
    My business location is Harare Zimbabwe. i want to open a drive in cinema and i don't know how to set it up or what i need to do please help.
  • das p said on March 24, 2012
    dear, i want to make a hindi film staying at odisha, pl furnish all relevant information and also budget, funding, marketing. so pl guide. regards. das p
  • Raghunath expert adviser said on March 25, 2012

    @das p, what kind of experience you have in this industry? If you don't have any experience then start working in a production house to garner some experience. This business is not for them who have no experience. If you are totally on it and you have no experience then invest your money through shares on big production companies or find a profit share option.

    Raghunath Natarajan
    Startup Biz Hub - Advisor (Staff)

  • sindi masuku said on March 31, 2012
    hi I'm sindi I would like to know the cost of opening my own cinema and licensing for showing all type of movies
  • Kakgolo Moerane said on April 12, 2012
    I a 22 year old guy, trying to start a cinema in my town. I live in a developing town called Brits, located in North West province, South Africa. There is recently been a mall build in our town and there didn't include a cinema. So I see that it would be a good and positive business to run for my community, because people from around my town have to travel far distances in order to have the pleasure of seeing a good, nice movie. So honestly I don't know where to start and do not know any relevant information in order to start an cinema. Please help me help my community and make a change in it. Starting from the beginning of the project to the end of opening it. Your co-operation will be highly appreciated.
  • Mac Holz said on April 12, 2012
    Cape Carteret NC, USA. I own a FEC bowling center. Check it out at mymacdaddys.com. I have the land to put in a theater. When building from the ground up, how small is too small. In a small coastal community like mine, it's hard to judge how big or small any type of business should be. What type of building should it be? What are my start up costs? Can you recommend an Architect and Contractor you know and trust?
  • vikaas said on April 17, 2012
    i want to know how much capital one requires to start a drive in cinema theatre.
  • Travis said on April 18, 2012
    Hey there. I am VERY interested in opening a 2-3 cinema theatre in a fast going Alberta town and was hoping for some info on where/how to start my venture? What's the start up cost, ballpark figure? Approx square footage per cinema that's normal? Is there funding available for this type of small business? Thanks,
  • Buck said on April 23, 2012
    I am very interested in starting my own theater in a town of about 150,000 people. We have only one multiplex theater with no I-max. I wish to start one on the opposite side of town that is rapidly growing in this area and would like any info on how to start up a theater with an I-max and a few extra screens for first run movies. Any info would be greatly appreciated even franchise info or investment info etc. thank you
  • Thomas said on April 23, 2012
    @Raghunath: There are 100's of hollywood movies (good movies) which are not on the DVD' rental shelf, here in India, i would like to know how much does it cost approx to buy the NON-exclusive rights for DVD,s if i wanted to have specific movies distributed here in India/ Mumbai
  • Rachel beginner adviser said on May 12, 2012
    Hi all, Regarding questions on whether you must get permission to show second-run movies and classics by DVDs. If you are not selling tickets to those movies, then, no, you should have nothing to worry about. That's like inviting friends over to your house and watching a movie together. If, however, you are selling tickets for others' work but not paying to use the work for sale, then you are committing copyright infringement. The same goes for any creative work, whether that is books, music, plays, movies, etc. So, get permission through the copyright office and/or publisher or production house with which the work is affiliated. Make sure you cover your tail, to put it simply. This goes for anywhere in the world. Amanda (#13) said it is not a "moral" issue. That's because morals are irrelevant in this case. What we know for a fact is it is definitely a LEGAL issue, and it is NOT cool to make money off others' hard work in a dishonest way; hence, it is against the law. Best to all of you!
  • Shawn said on May 15, 2012
    trying to find info about a closed theater in fort myers, florida. the edison park 8. does anybody know anything about it? been trying to find out who owns it and never get any responses. this is a shot in the dark but oh well, need to try something.
  • Michael Bright said on May 19, 2012
    I think that large public viewings must have permission to show a movie, as in a library. The price for a copy for public viewing is different, like hundreds different. It is a different license. A rental copy is yet again a different license. There are companies that sell thousands of older movies on one hard drive to be viewed at will in a public space.
  • Nabum Hita said on May 21, 2012
    Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh, India. I want to start a mini film theater in a budget of 20 lakhs so plz kindly inform me a detail of all. thanking you
  • Seba Saikia said on May 22, 2012
    Nagaon, Assam. I am very much interested on mini film Production on local language and TV Serial Production for our local TV channels. I want to prepare a project to apply for a govt. loan within 20 lakhs. Please help me for this, Thanking you
  • OFOARAMI said on May 24, 2012
    I am very glad for this site. Please I want to start showing educational films to schools. I have already shop for the DVD. But I need a license to start showing it in the public. How do I go about it? contact:y2kjoerami@yahoo.com
  • Alexandria R said on May 28, 2012
    I am a 17 yr old in Southern Illinois, USA. I am trying to open a drive-in that will support my school district and help fund programs that continue to be cut. What do I have to go through to make it legal to play movies, even though this will not be a real drive in? I will just rent and play movies on a projector screen? E-mail: alexandria.ratajczak@yahoo.com
  • Kishor Rajeshirke said on May 30, 2012
    I would like to know information about starting a movie theatre. I am interested in place at District Ratnagiri, Maharashtra State, India.
  • Ajay Varma said on June 22, 2012
    Hi, I am looking to start a theater in a mall in Durgapur, West Bengal, India. Can you please tell me what are the total costs per month to run a theater provided the interior of the theater is already completed. the total costs i.e., starting from monthly rent to purchase of patent rights etc. ect..... Please reply soon. Thanks,
  • sunil said on June 28, 2012
    i want to start one screen theater at kalol gujarat i want information of franchise in movie theater
  • David Klopp said on July 7, 2012
    I have a goal to open a 3D IMAX in my home town of Madison, Indiana. We are centrally located that many different towns would not have to travel so far to experience one of the BEST things I have. Would love to reach this GOAL!
  • fabbo said on July 14, 2012
    Am planning to open up a movie theater in kenya to be showin' both the 1st and the 2nd run movies. Just need more info on the layout, the best projectors to use n where i can buy the 1st run movies online. N maybe get a partner we can share the cost by buyin' n savin' em in an online storage for both of our access. if you are interested hit ma mail,. 'Fabianfabbo@gmail.com'
  • Mmbali said on July 17, 2012
    Where do i start when starting a movie theater, what do i need to have skills, where do i get the capital, please give me more information.
  • kristina said on July 17, 2012
    Liberty, Ky United States. I am opening a theater in the city i live in and i was wondering how to get the film rights? Who do i need to go to to get the movies here to show them?
  • drk said on July 18, 2012
    pl. contact to local film distributors co., they will give you the rights to make show, more details mail me, viyors@gmail.com
  • Wayne Ross said on July 18, 2012
    My business location is in Orangeburg, South Carolina. How much is normally to acquire the rights to show a first or second run movie.
  • jebastin said on July 26, 2012
    Where do i start when starting a movie theater. how to make 500 seats theater building, land shape, screen, speakers, digital wifi and hifi methods, seating arrangement, ac setup, surround 3d sound, projectors and etc. my planning budget is 1 million dollars. if u have interest call me. my mail is tinjebas@gmail.com
  • Kuldeep Sidhu said on August 2, 2012
    Hi, This Kuldeep Sidhu, I am from Australia, I would like to open 2 screens theater(200seats) in Firozpur city(Punjab), Because there isn't a good theater at the moment, Can u tell about the project such as how much money do I need for build, And what do i need to do, Do i need to get any franchisee or can i open on my own?
  • Makhosonke Nkosi said on August 4, 2012
    The business is located in South Africa (Mpumalanga Province) at a small town called Hazyview (a tourists stop over into the Kruger National Park and the world's third largest grand canyon). The population is predominantly consisting of poor black people (70%) and middle income earners (20%) then a mix of elite black and white business owners and professionals form the (10%) remainder. The population is estimated at 500 000. The town is 60KM North of the capital city of the province Mbombela (Nelspruit). What advice can I get given the information above and the idea of a three theatre cinema privately owned?
  • ravinder malik beginner adviser said on August 11, 2012
    Dear @Kuldeep Sidhu, it ll cost around 1.25 crore Rs to 1.50 crore for opening a good multiplex

    ravindermalik21@gmail.com || Multiplex Expert

  • Isaac said on August 18, 2012
    Am a young boy with the passion of establishing a theater with about 3000 seats how much cost are we talking about here. inbox me
  • bharat said on August 20, 2012
    sir i'm a 19 years old boy i want to now what will be the cost of building a theater and all the needs of the theater like projector, seats etc.., my theater will be for 100 members theater i live in india so tel me in that point of view in rupees plz. this site is very good i liked it
  • kapenda said on August 22, 2012
    want to start a small movie theater in zambia, i want to know how to start up basically everything involved
  • AnneMarie Heber said on August 27, 2012
    Hi, I live in a small town in Imlay City Michigan and I am interested in reopening the local movie theater in our town. I am currently a business owner of a small local daycare but the movie theater business is quite foreign to me. I feel that a second run theater would be great for our small town but I am completely lost on where to start. I know the theater is in need of new projectors. I am looking for start up information such as the where to purchase movie projectors, how to purchase the films and the approximate cost to get this dream off the ground. Also, I was wondering if you could tell me what the approximate number of viewers per day are needed to run a successful theater. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you.
  • Darius said on August 29, 2012
    Good day, My name is Darius and we are contemplating to start a cinema business very soon.The thing is our experience is limited in as far as cinema industry work. We have a huge structure in place, and the theatrically arranged chairs to accommodate audiences. but the problem is getting the cinema equipments and set the project flying off the ground. may you possibly help us to find any equipment that will keep us moving.
  • Kenly T said on August 30, 2012
    Hi, My name is Kenly, I'm a 20year old male and I was born and bred in ZAMBIA(Southern Africa). The Zambian Movie Industry is getting bigger and better time after time and I really want to be part of it. I want to do Studio Training/Video Production at a College here and the problem I have is that I'm low on funds, I don't have Sponsorship and time is running out . I urgently need $1500 for registration, tuition and exams. My dream is to graduate College then have a big Recording Studio and a Movie Theater. If anyone feels they can help me live my dream, please don't hesitate to contact me; Kenly T Email me at Kenlymut@zambia.co.zm or call me on +260966810122. God bless, Kenly.


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