How to Become a Security Guard

Becoming a security guard is a serious undertaking. You see, this job is dangerous although at times, it can be boring. Well, if you’ve decided to become one, you should meet the requirements.

Also, choose between the types of guards so that you will know which path to take – the armed or the unarmed.

The Requirements

According to many people, a security guard’s job can be boring, exciting, and dangerous. Well, that’s up to you to decide if you’re thinking of becoming a security guard. In the US, a license is not always required and this will depend on the state where you live. The job is not as hard as you think unless you are assigned to a defense agency or nuclear site. To determine if a license is required in your state, you can inquire at a security company in your area or a job service center. If training is required, you can get in touch with the reputable security companies in your area to receive training. Oftentimes, the training cost is shouldered by the agency and they will simply deduct it from your salary little by little. If there several agencies, pick one that offers training for the license and for uniforms; that way, you won’t have any problems as to the uniform that you will wear once you’re in the service.

Two Choices

You have two choices as a security guard – armed and unarmed. The latter earns a lower salary but it’s a less risky job. Armed guards need additional training and not only that, you will also take on added responsibility. The difference between the salaries of these two types of guards is very little. So you will need to think carefully if the additional salary will compensate for your additional responsibility and you also need to consider the risks involved.

The contracts for security guards are usually for the short term only especially for those working with security agencies. There is less security and you will transfer from time to time. However, if you’re an in-house guard, which means that a certain company hired to directly, you can enjoy more benefits and better pay. You can consult the federal government (if you’re a US citizen) for employment opportunities. The government usually hires a lot of security guards for their offices. If you have security clearance, you have higher chances of being hired. Since danger is already part of the job, you will need to be alert at all times. The company or security agency does not expect you to put your life on the line so if you sense trouble, contact the police at once. The average yearly salary of security guards can range from $36,000 to $40,000. This is already good money as compared to other jobs.


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