“How to Start a Gas Station”
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  • irene acheampong said on May 27, 2014
    I would please like to know how much it will cost to open up a petrol filling station. Thanks
  • vijay Maurya said on May 29, 2014
    i am planning to set up a CNG gas station in mumbai(Vasai), i would appreciate if you can give me details of my total investment in the project and procedure to come up with. Regards/Vijay - 09920939364
  • akshay said on June 2, 2014
    I want to start gas station. I need some information pls help me out ....thank
  • akshay said on June 2, 2014
    Aurangabad maharashtra India I wane start cng station ..so I need all information .for this project..my mobile no is 09923412143
  • JAYTUL PATEL said on June 6, 2014
    Hi I am JAYTULPATEL , I can start a petrol pump .plz say that how many money are required for this ??
  • Md Abdur Razzak said on June 8, 2014
    Hi , it's razzak from St George area in sydney, australia, please advice me with the info to start a gas station in the area. Thanks
  • Nonhlanhla Alice Koenane said on June 9, 2014
    I am in South Africa outside Pietermaritzburg in a rural area called Centocow. I have made needs analysis, found approval from the Chief and his Council to operate. Now I want to know the next steps and an estimate of how much will I need to start; what are the advantages and disadvantages of opting for a franchise.
  • Gamatham said on June 11, 2014
    Hello, I am Namibian and are looking forward to start a gas station in the southern village town. I need to put a business plan together to obtain a loan from the bank. please send me information to enable me put this together.
  • Khutsiso chuene said on June 26, 2014
    I want information on how you start filling station and what need how much are cost.....
  • William Sabaya said on June 29, 2014
    I need advice and the approved designs and costs of establishing a gas or petrol station in Coast Region of Tanzania ie. Dar es Salaam Rural, Tanzania
  • Rajender Ponnala said on July 1, 2014
    I am looking to start a Petrol bunks dealerships & Gas agencies dealerships. How can i proceed to get the dealership from Petroleum & GAS companies.
  • Isabella said on July 4, 2014
    Hello, I am really interested in owning and managing a filling station. Recently, I have seen one that is for sale/auction in a good area. Please help with information that will help me get a business partner. Thanks Bella
  • Isabella said on July 4, 2014
    How do I write a business plan for a petrol filling station? Also, how do I get an investor or business partner? I hope to hear/ from you soon. Thanks a lot
  • siraj khan said on August 11, 2014
    i am planning to set up a CNG gas station in karachi(nazimabad), i would appreciate if you can give me details of my total investment in the project and procedure to come up with. Regards/siraj - +923428000669
  • shami said on August 12, 2014
    It would cost around INR 1.50 to 2 crore (excluding land) to establish a CNG Station in India considering normal site conditions, standard construction parameters & approvals. Generally, the responsibility of land, basic infrastructure development & operations (including staff) lies with investor/entrepreneur; whereas entire CNG station equipment & technology is in the scope of gas supplier/Principals.
  • sanjay sona said on August 14, 2014
    i am living in india assam tinsukia if i want to open a gas station how much will it cost
  • Alpheus said on August 26, 2014
    I would like to franchise a petrol station from shell south africa. Please advise me and redirect my request to the right department
  • Daimon said on August 26, 2014
    Am in zambia, I want to start up a gas filling station, I want to know the capital which can be involved
  • martin said on September 2, 2014
    I'm Martin and I would like to start my own mini petrol station in Mageta island (Bondo), Kenya. please advise me more on the investment!!!
  • Pavan Kumar said on September 28, 2014
    I want to set up a gas station at anantapur, andhrapradesh please give me information
  • Kulani said on October 9, 2014
    Hi good people. I'm in a hunger of getting started with my Gas Station business plan. I need help from both dimensions soon as possible, concerning money to start my journey of being a young inagentic 20 years old boy and i would like to be place an opportunity to lay my own foundation above history. Thank you all.
  • Kulani Chauke said on October 9, 2014
    Good morning to whom it may concern. I am 20 years old boy,who wills to start the foundation based in Gas station and by increasing employment rates of SA. I here by writing this comment to clearly state the business (gas station) that i long waited to take calculated risks and start it. This has come to my attention in a way i cannot ignore and with more of your information which based on, how to write a Business Plan concerning Gas Station and the more i believe it can help me. Finance has always been a huge problems when coming but it does not stop people who wills to help me. All your recommendation will be highly appreciated. Thank you and may the good Lord bless you with with what you are willing to offer to me.
  • Tefo Monamodi said on October 21, 2014
    I'm a 25 year old from South Africa who has an interest in opening a petrol station, i would appreciate any kind of help on how to go about starting up and how to get funding, I've already started with my research and would appreciate the info on costs involved, i would appreciate your help.. Thank you.!
  • Akindeinde Oluwaseun said on November 17, 2014
    I want to a LPG filling Station and a petrol filling station and i need the equipments to start it and design.
  • Akindeinde Oluwaseun said on November 17, 2014
    I want to start a LPG filling station and petrol filling station in Ago - Iwoye, Ogun State, Nigeria and I need the equipments to start it and designs.
  • Ram said on November 19, 2014
    i want to start cng pump business. how to start
  • Ram said on November 19, 2014
    i am from haryana ambala i need help for cng pump start
  • ABHISHEK CHUGH said on November 19, 2014
  • Omar Abdi said on December 3, 2014
    thanks for the clear and straight forward insights. thank you once more for this educative prospect
  • Shaz said on December 26, 2014
    Looking for a business plan for Gas Station start-up in Ontario, Canada. Any help will be appreciated.
  • Rasull Jooma said on January 2, 2015
    Hi, i am looking to open up a mini groceries store in thr eastern cape. the area is rural there is no supermarket anywhere close by. I'm just not sure where to start . I am doing research on the area and possible suppliers closest to that community. i see the opportunity but need more advise on how to go about it. I have the plot available so i am looking at 1stly the building. Any advise and recommendation would be of assistance. perhaps also requirements for start up capital and organisations i can approach with the business plan. thank you
  • Freddy Ndini said on January 5, 2015
    I'm from Lebowakgomo, i'm planning of opening an LP Gas and refilling the gas bottles around our area. I really need information on what are the requirements to open such business and estimation on my budget to start up that business.
  • Consultant said on January 15, 2015
    We supply Fuel pumps of any kind And extensive repair to any fuel filling station in Africa and Abroad. If you desire funding (only for fuel stations), and aid to starting up a fuel station: send us a mail at Gafoundacion@gmail.com.
  • Asare vincent said on January 18, 2015
    Hello, this was really helpful, because My ideas of having a fuel Station in ghana Accra is a challenge.. Please need more Info about how to start the job And also regarding my finances or expanses... Thank you..
  • harry said on January 21, 2015
    I want to open a filling station so how much money needed to start . kopella village Delareyville South Africa
  • rashita said on January 26, 2015
    hi, i have a vacant prime land in canelands, verulam, durban south africa. it is 4047sqm. it is zoned but not approved for a service station. i need to sell urgently. my selling price is R3.8m. IT IS IN A PRIME AREA. let me know if anyone is interested. contact NERESH on 0732272111 or 0847015669. thanks
  • Louwrence Lukas said on February 3, 2015
    my business will be located in khorixas namibia
  • Andrew Mayavi said on February 3, 2015
    Thank you very much for the information. I am Andrew from Kenya and I would like to start a gas station car wash. Please lead me to the right direction.
  • wole festus said on February 9, 2015
    Sir, Could you help me with information about a franchise petrol station in this countries United State of America, Canada or Ghana and Cameroun in Africa. With kind regards.
  • wole festus said on February 9, 2015
    Toronto Canada, Dallas, Houston, Austin in Texas. Accra in Ghana and Yaounde in Cameroun.
  • patel said on February 9, 2015
    I want to start patrol pump business in Belgium. So how much is investment need. how to start this
  • moses said on February 17, 2015
    hi, i'm moses i am planing for opening my own guesthouse so what must i do, and i'm looking forward to here from you on helping me. thank
  • owie Peter said on February 21, 2015
    I am a liberian, looking forward to opening a standard gas station. Most of the sites available for me are small in dimension so I thought of using mobile pumps. Please advice
  • Nathaniel said on March 3, 2015
    Hallo, I want to open a gas station in Monrovia Liberia, Therefore i'm looking to find out more information of how to open and run a gas station. Therefore, i want to know the cost and how to begin it. I have the right location. The only thing i need is how to state and how to run it. Can somebody help me to get more information about it?
  • Mahmoud Shoukry said on March 22, 2015
    i want to start a business in a gas station in naples,fl. Can you help me in finding the best way to begin this project? Thanks for your concern......
  • Sunny Dhillon said on April 8, 2015
    Anyone interested in starting up a gas station in Toronto Canada please contact me at sunny.dhillon@hotmail.ca with following:
    1. NAME
    4. Interested in setting up new or purchase resale
  • hendrick said on April 9, 2015
    Hi i'm from Limpopo Ga-mamabolo area i want to start filling station because the area is without the filling station, so i need financial help. The commuters travel miles to fill up their motor tanks and is about 40 miles, so there is a huge market for filling station.
  • Tatenda Elias Shava said on April 9, 2015
    i am in westwood harare Zimbabwe. I have a house to hold i need a built to operate fuel service station.
  • she josh said on April 13, 2015
    Hi , i would like to start a petrol station , in QLD Australia, would you kindly advise me how much it cost and the procedure please .Thanks
  • Thabiso selemale said on April 13, 2015
    I will like open a gas station , I've look many places that I can do business , but I don't understand how can I get financial assistance cause I don't have any cent for a start , can u please assist me with information that can help
  • sunny ismail said on April 18, 2015
    I run gas station for last 32 years & I build gas station from ground up I can help any body in usa & Canada for a fee. my email is ismailcorp@aol.com
  • IBRAHIM KASAM SOLKAR said on April 25, 2015
  • eric colando said on April 27, 2015
    am almost starting one in my local area and i think you can advice me more on that
  • eric colando said on April 27, 2015
    am in kenya and looking for someone to partner with and start a petrol station
  • Bheki said on May 11, 2015
    Hi I want to open a petrol station I want to know the requirements and financial assistance in starting up in Pretoria, South Africa
  • Mansoor Yousaf said on May 13, 2015
    i'm from Pakistan. i'm planing to open my own business of gasoline station in malaysia . Need assistance to know its requirement which includes land, capital , license ,documentation requirements at Malaysia...
  • Kate said on May 26, 2015
    I'm looking for particular list of documents required to rent gas station?
  • Kate said on May 26, 2015
    How, and how long, and which documents should i provide to get the license selling liquid fuel/diesel
  • Prince said on June 1, 2015
    Harare Zimbabwe....about to open a fuel station thanks for the tips
  • Daddy Mosweu said on June 3, 2015
    i'm planning to open a gas station can u help me on how to start
  • BRIGHTON said on June 5, 2015
    I am to set up a gas station in mutare,zimbabwe
  • moeti said on June 25, 2015
    i'm from welkom, south africa i want to open a gas station i need information on how to go about it
  • Raphael Ntsele said on July 7, 2015
    I am in South Africa KwaZulu Natal province I want to Start a business of Franchised petrol service station. Please advise me on how to run this kind of business without any loss or fuel shortages. regards. Raphael 0833411688
  • Neelo kelebale said on August 18, 2015
    Hi i'm from Serowe, Botswana urgently in need of ur help to start my own filling station
  • Phiri Immanuel said on September 2, 2015
    I am from Southern Zambia, Kalomo. I am planning to start my own business like a gas station. I need more information on how to go about the whole process. Thank you!
  • Sahil said on September 8, 2015
    Hi, I am looking for Financial Partner to Start CNG/LPG Gas station in India, if anyone is interested can reach me,
  • Isaac Edusei said on October 5, 2015
    Thanks I am more enlighten but can you please send me the amount capital one must have to start up gas station Ghana Accra to be precise after securing your choice of location. Please email me
  • vimbai chari said on October 22, 2015
    that is a very brilliant assistance, i need mine to start operating January 2016 in zimbabwe, i am a university student doing Entrepreneurship programme,0773622238,patiently waiting for your response
  • D CHINNADURAI said on October 28, 2015
    I have a plan to build a petrol station in my village, location:tamilnadu, Perambalur District, velluvadi village,.
  • ADMIN said on November 9, 2015
    Please for everyone who needs the business plan on the LPG gas and feasibility study please mail us here daviesmicheal6@gmail.com. We really can't attend to everyone here. Thanks.
  • MD.REZAUR RAHMAN said on January 12, 2016
    I am Rezaur Rahman, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Like to start Gas station business at my home district Patuakhali,So give me helpful suggestion and setup profile as you can. Thank you.
  • Munyaka Michael said on January 14, 2016
    My plot is situated in Limuru approximately forty kilometers from Nairobi/Kenya. Along a high traffic highway, ideal for a service station. I am willing to lease it to a potential investor in a built, own, operate and transfer model.I will appreciate if you'll send me contacts of any known investor who is ready to tap onto this fuel, oil, parking and motorway rest-stop business respectively. Thanks in advance.
  • Davies said on January 28, 2016
    Do you need any tip or advice contact me on daviesmicheal6@gmail.com I help starters business grow.
  • manish said on March 10, 2016
    I am planning to setup a new cng pump in up.please details send me.
  • Giles said on March 18, 2016
    Hi,my name is Giles i need to start up a gas station business in nairobi, kindly help to find necessary/legal information required.
  • Islauddin khan said on March 24, 2016
    I want to establish a gas agency in lilong, manipur minority area. Inform me the criteria/detail/requirement for me.
  • Levi shigwedha said on March 27, 2016
    Am namibian ,would like,info / guidlines how to open up a fuel filling station, in my town windhoek, i have the land in place 2000 sqm
  • Michael said on March 27, 2016
    I am Zambian citizen want to set-up a gas station.your input and support will highly be appreciated.
  • frimpong henry said on March 30, 2016
    Please how can I get foreign investors to help me establish gas filling station around my area.
  • John S. Salvadora beginner adviser said on April 5, 2016
    @frimpong henry. Foreign investors would only be interested to invest in start-up market (which entails a lot of challenge compared to existing business/market) if they find it feasible. Hence, you first need to set up your company/corporation and have it registered with the securities and exchange commission in your area and secure the necessary business permits and development plan where you intend to put up your filling station. Then you need to prepare a feasibility study and business plan so that your future business partner would have something to study/read with which to analyse is the business venture would yield profits. In preparing your feasibility study, you may be guided by the following articles/salient points, to wit: EXECUTIVE SUMMARY INDUSTRY DESCRIPTION THE PROJECT THE SITE COMMUNITY PROFILE AND BUSINESS CLIMATE TRANSPORTATION AND ATTRACTION IN THE AREA MARKETING STRATEGY FINANCIAL ASPECT FINDINGS AND RECOMMENDATIONS After coming up with the foregoing, you should be able to come up with a business plan that covers atleast three (3) years of business operation. The aforesaid feasibility study would enable you to determine if the venture is financially pragmatic. Whereas, the business plan would give your venture its projected path. Both of which shall be taken in consideration by the investor before he/she enters into partnership with you or could lend you a personal or business loan. Such feasibility study and business plan would also give confidence to your suppliers/franchise to consider signing a supply contract or franchise agreement with you. It is advisable that you attend forum/meetings or make connections with local business associations who can help you find investors that they may think would find your business interesting. Good luck

    johnsarciasalvadora@yahoo.com || Gas Station Consultant

  • Genius Lethu said on April 8, 2016
    Am in South African. I want to establish a new gas station that has not been found. what are the requirements do I need? am aware that I have to register my company. What I want to be informed of is that, what door do I have to knock to. For now I have the capital. Thank you.
  • OLANREWAJU said on April 9, 2016
  • Darlene said on April 18, 2016
    I want to open a gas station in North Carolina and need to know who to contact to get started.What is the best station to open here.
  • Obakeng said on May 9, 2016
    Hi am young man in Northwest,I wanna open a gas station but I don't know where to start and how to draw up a business plan,please help me,thanks
  • Awais Ahmed said on May 23, 2016
    Respected Sir/Madam, I am very much interested to establish a petrol pump. please guide me.
  • Shafi master adviser said on May 26, 2016

    @Awais Ahmed,

    Dear Mr. Ahemd.Kndly get intouch with t discuss Petrol Pump Project if you are interested seriousy .09901133811



    Shafi@qualityservice.com || Consultant

  • Shafi master adviser said on May 26, 2016

    Dear Mr.Ahmed.

    We are planning to establish aPetrol Pump in Karnataka and if you want to join hand with us please contact us on 9901133811


    Shafi@qualityservice.com || Consultant

  • Robert Turkson said on June 1, 2016
    Hi. My name is Robert Turkson from Takoradi, Ghana. My aim is to set up a gas station in my country and I would like to know the cost estimation of the Iwhole product starting from the scratch. I will be very excited if you help me with that.
  • Edward H O Brian said on June 15, 2016
    I live on the main highway in Central Province PNG and would like to start up a fuel service station due to the high demand of the fuel. Please need advise on how to go about.
  • mike musiiwa said on July 13, 2016
    I am from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. I am planning to open my own business Petrol Station in my rural area Gokwe, in Midlands Province, Zimbabwe. i need to know how much capital will i need to start my project. Thank you.
  • lekan ogunleye said on July 16, 2016
    I want to start my own 20 tonnes liquefied gas station in Abuja, nigeria. I am more concerned about the management techniques and accounting system for a gas station. How can you be of help please?
  • damalie said on August 15, 2016
    hey there am Damie from kampala uganda. i have two petro stations am selling in the heart of the city any one interested or may be with contacts of people interested please let me know. thank you
  • Jaccs Tiso said on August 26, 2016
    Need info and ideas on how to start a new service station. Please help
  • Jason Miller said on September 22, 2016
    I am a Jamaican who is interested in opening a gas station. I would like to know if you have any experience in that part of world. I am planning to construct it from start so I would like to know how expensive it would be. I have the land already. 2 pumps would be good enough. Pumps must include 3 different type of fuel.
  • madhu reddy said on September 26, 2016
    I am Madhu. i would like to open a gas station. how much money i need and what is the process?
  • prasanth said on October 2, 2016
    any body have an idea about bpcl gas distribution agency
  • farai mushipe said on October 9, 2016
    want to start and install an lp gas wholesale station in zimbabwe in a ready vast market place where people have to travel to more than 20 km to buy gas, need to know the requirements and costs for the tanks pumps gas and all the fittings and also need anyone who is interested in sponsoring financially to make my dream come true
  • Carler Miah Pluto said on October 28, 2016
    wanna start up my own gas station, well actually i have a huge piece of land of about 3000 square meters...the land has a total of 100 acres, so 3000 square meters will be used for constructing my gas station and the rest for breeding sheep and goats.
  • Prince Sam said on December 2, 2016
    I want to put up my own biogas company in Ghana, Please kindly give me the total investment and the procedure. Thanks
  • Ibrahim Kasam Solkar said on January 15, 2017


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