Finding Air Conditioner Deals

You need an air conditioner or an AC, and you want to find a good bargain. Let's start with the basics, shall we? What type of air conditioner do you need?

There are lots of air conditioning units that perform various air conditioning services. Before you check out the listings, you need to check out what air conditioning type you really need.

There are AC units for aircrafts, ships, spacecrafts, trains and an assortment of vehicles, you know. If the type of AC you need is to be installed in one of these, then you should check out websites or catalogues from companies who make and / or develop aircrafts, ships, spacecrafts, and trains. If the AC unit is for your vehicle, you can ask your local car parts suppliers as to what AC unit can be installed and what their price range is.

On a much broader scale, air conditioning units can be classified according to applications: for process and for comfort.

Process applications can usually be found in HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) systems. Its main purpose is to provide a suitable environment for a specific type of architectural structure. Hospital operation theaters, for example, have air conditioning units which cools, filters and dehydrates the air to minimize damage to a patient on the operating table. Sterile environment in an Integrated Circuits Production Company has an AC which controls temperature plus humidity and filters the air to a very high level of cleanliness. Different types of AC exists in data processing centers, chemical and biological laboratories, farm / plant growing facilities, food and processing areas, industrial environments, mines, nuclear facilities, physical testing facilities, and textile factories.

If you are looking for an AC unit for any one of these, it might be best to ask the building engineer or HVAC companies for help. You can always find a suitable deal if you know what you kind of AC you need and what particular specifications are needed. Research first before you commit to any sale transaction, because installation of an AC unit on this scale is costly.

Comfort from the searing heat is the main reason why people buy an AC unit – but you still have to chooses from a variety of units that differ in horsepower (HP,) portability and size. For the sake of argument, this article will assume that the AC unit you are looking for is of the low-rise residential level. The AC is not for high-rise residential buildings (tall dormitories and apartment blocks with centralized AC) or for commercial buildings (offices, malls, restaurants) or for institutional buildings (academic, government, hospitals) or for industrial spaces (Integrated Circuits Production Company, etc.)

There are still details to figure out like how much HP do you need? What fan speed? For some, ¼ HP with a 2 speed fan is enough for one room.

What type of AC can your house or room accommodate? Do you want a central AC, a portable or stand alone unit, a split system unit, a wall mounted unit, or a window sliding unit?

Do you have brand preferences? If you do, then you can easily check the company website for deals and promos, or you can visit their shops personally so you can work out a payment scheme, if possible. Some more well known companies include: AMCOR, Frigidaire, GE, and Sharp.

Air conditioners are always on sale in your local appliance centers, and some catalogues may be seen in local and website listings. Having a clear idea of what you want and what price range you can buy from makes for a discerning consumer. Also ask your dealer for air conditioning repairs and guarantees.


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